Bandma is known as the best packaging company in Delhi – India as well as the leading best packaging machine manufacturer in India. It has added some new dimensions to the Indian packaging machine manufacturer industry through its highly operational, multi-functional, and efficient packaging products.

This technology and innovation-focused manufacturing firm is known for its Stretch Wrapping Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine, or Strapping Machine all over India and because we have these machines that is why we consider our self the best packaging company.

Sales Advice By Best Packaging Company

As an upcoming and leading packaging machines manufacturer in India, at Bandma our goal is always to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for every customer across the globe. Therefore, our services are not just available online for troubleshooting but also we can be contacted 24×7. We also offer our customers pre-sales services, so they can decide on the comprehensive planning and sales advice according to their needs.

best packaging company

As a reliable partner, we choose to stay in close proximity with our clients for better cooperation. Over the years we have worked hard and grown with our distribution network, globally. Our vast distribution network facilitates easy and efficient support to all our customers around the world. We have twelve sales representatives in Germany known for their sincerity and alertness regarding client needs, i.e., to assess the applications and needs of customers very carefully, and then to provide the best packaging solutions to them.

Trial Machines Advice

Being a leading packaging machine manufacturer in India, Bandma offers the option of a ‘trial period’ for its products just in case our clients are unsure and need more time for decision-making. All you need to do is contact our sales representatives, and soon a team of Bandma technicians will install the machines for a trial period at your plant.

The end of the trial period will be the final nail in the coffin of all your doubts on buying a Bandma’s packaging machines mainly strapping machine. While on trial, the machine’s efficient functionality will ensure the specific fulfillment of your requirements. During the free trial period to our engineering team will be at your service to help out with any technical doubts or queries that you face regarding the machine.

Installation & Start-Up at best Packaging Company


Installation – smoothly and efficiently

You don’t need to worry even a bit about the installation and start-up procedure at Bandma, it’s our situation to handle. Being a leading packaging products manufacturing company, we ensure that the installation and start-up procedure is done in a professional manner, that goes well with our brand’s image. The installation team is comprised of professionals who know their job very well, and they ensure that the installation goes well, as well as all your staff is trained to ensure optimal handling of the product.

Your benefits:

1. The installation procedure is very quick, and the product will be up and running in no time.
2. Your workers and staff get to know a lot about the machine and operating it.
3. The machine set-up in the best possible way, that is adaptive and goes along with your factory.

Our Offer:

We offer a separate installation procedure according to every separate order and quotation.

Break Down & Repair

The maintenance team at Bandma always ensures that your product is well-kept and managed because prevention is always better than repair. However though repairs can be minimized, it cannot be avoided. In any case, if your strapping machine breaks down or stops working due to some technical errors our team of technicians will only be a phone call away.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Professional analysis of all damaged parts by expert technicians for the best service.
  • Immediate repairs in case of a fault.
  • Centrally coordinated field service team for a faster service.
  • In-house repair workshop to facilitate the best service.



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