The Novel Patented Idiyappam maker which is a mechanical device, manually operated but semi-automatic machine to make Idiyappam of mild to moderate quantity of uniform in shape, size, weight and thickness, it does not require electric power and best appliance for house / canteen / hotel / restaurant / catering / mess and street food stalls etc.

Idiyappam Maker

Idiyappam preparation at house is not an easy work because of lot of energy i.e., muscle power required to press it, there are many types of Kitchen press available in the market still it is essential to complete the pressing of Idiyappam when the dough is in warm condition only, hence most of the houses not prepare Idiyappam at house and Idiyappam which is made from conventional kitchen press is not identical i.e., not uniform in shape, size, weight and thickness.

The Novel Patented Idiyappam maker is a versatile machine which makes 100 to 300 Nos for domestic and commercial application by one hand with least muscle effort within one to two hours’ time respectively under hygienic condition.

The Novel Patented Idiyappam maker works with hardened alloy steel of Pinion/Gear/Rack assembly arrangement.

Patented Idiyappam maker is available in two capacities which can cater for domestic and commercial purpose i.e., 5 and 10 Idiyappam per load of barrel respectively.

The Novel Patented Idiyappam maker of commercial purpose is reasonably well below than fully automatic price.

The Novel Patented Idiyappam Maker is designed in such a way that it is very convenient to load & unload the barrel at front side on vertical position i.e., just slides inside of horizontal deep groove.

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10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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