Mobile Junction specializes in iPhone repair and iPad repairs, fixing software problems, unlocking, repairing water damage and many more. One-stop solution for all phones, iPhone, iPads, tablets, or other smart device repairs.

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We are with our innovative cell phone repair shop, where you can get your mobile phones at your doorway without paying the top dollar. Ranging right from signal issues to batteries issue, phone screen repair to camera issues, water damage to speaker issues, we have got all for you. We have a lineup of technicians who are experts in the field, not requiring you to wander on phone repair in London shops.

We got the best quality parts to make it to the repair and all this at affordable prices. All have to choose the cell phone company you want to get repaired from our list, including OnePlus, LG, Samsung, Alcatel, Nokia, and iPhone. You will be redirected to where you have to go for the cell phone model and simply then choose the issue you are facing and whola!! You are done with your part.

Our Highlighted Cell Phone Repair Services in London are:

  • Phone Screen Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • Phone Camera Repair
  • Speaker Repair
  • Charge Port Repair
  • Phone Battery Replacement
  • Volume Button Repair
  • Side Buttons
  • iSight Camera
  • Won′t Turn On and Many More

Professional Cell Phone Repair Near Me

Mobile Junction is your go-to destination for fast and reliable cell phone repairs in London. Our expert technicians will diagnose and optimize your device within the hour. Cell phone repair services and accessories, you will find everything you need with us. Is your iPhone a catch? Is your Samsung screen broken? Does your LG refuse to turn it on? Whatever your problem, we have a solution. We specialize in diagnosing, repairing and optimizing mobile devices from all major brands. In addition to our wide range of accessories, we also have used tablets and phones refurbished by our care experts. All our interventions guarantee life, parts and labor. Look no further: come and discover our fast expert services near you.

In this section, Mobile Junction experts share all their know-how in cell phone repair. We have established thousands of repair guides on the most popular models of the biggest brands as well as the others. We’re expanding our collection of free guides each week to continue making phone repair accessible to everyone. Our specialists explain how to solve the most common failures by changing all the components.

Our technicians take care to show in pictures and detail in precise comments about the actions to be carried out at each stage of your telephone repair. We support you from A to Z to bring your cell phone back to life. If you have any doubts about your phone repair near me, our technical service remains at your disposal to give you a helping hand.

Are you looking for some iPhone repair in London, Ontario? Well, probably here, your research will end with us. Usually, the iPhone screen repair cost is very expensive in the market. It is very fragile to be handled, and of course, you might not want to give it to some unprofessional maintenance specialist, right? No issues; we got the solution for you with our old hand technicians to provide you an ecstatic iPhone screen repair experience.

Just write to us with the problem after selecting your iPhone model and get the services done in no time. Even if you are not sure what the issue is on your iPhone, we also got several options for you to contact us or make an appointment. On our website itself, you will find the directions or appointment options in the particular iPhone section. We will figure it out and do the work for you and all sorted!!

Most Common iPhone Problems

  • iPhone Screen Repair
  • Charging Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • iPhone Speaker Repair
  • iPhone Power Button Repair
  • Screen Replacement
  • Software Problems
  • Water Damage Repair
  • iPhone Camera Repair
  • Button Repair
  • iPhone Touchpad Repair

iPhone Repair Service Near Me

Is your iPhone broken or the screen broken? Call Mobile Junction repair expert. Point Service Mobiles offers a complete network of mobile phone specialists. Benefit from an express diagnosis and immediate iPhone repair to the highest standards, whether it’s to replace a broken screen, a dead battery, or any other failure. All of our services are subject to the highest standards and are guaranteed for 1 year to get the most out of your iPhone and delay obsolescence.

Close to our clients, we have established a relationship of trust thanks to teams that are both available and responsive. We use know-how and quality spare parts. To take advantage of it, you can go directly to the Mobile Junction Service Point closest to you, or benefit from even faster support by creating your repair order from this page indicating the model of the iPhone broken down.

Are you tired of putting the iPad repair near me phrase on the browser? We are known in the town to provide the best iPad screen repair services to clients, and we commit to offering you a stellar experience. You can trust us to repair your iPad using genuine spare parts. Moreover, you don’t require waiting for too long; we believe in same-day repairs.

With excellent offers on our website, you can avail of our services at the lowest possible price. Our team can handle and resolve all kinds of issues like signal problems, battery issues, cameras, speakers not working, broken screens, water damage, etc. Our well-trained team, which focuses on maintaining the best quality standard and genuine parts for replacing defective or damaged parts like iPad screens, batteries, etc. works to expand your iPad’s shelf-life. And what more you can easily book a meeting with us in the comfort of your home.

Our Expert Can Fix Your iPad – Common iPad Problems

  • iPad Screen Repair
  • Charging Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • iPad Speaker Repair
  • iPad Power Button Repair
  • Screen Replacement
  • Software Problems
  • Water Damage Repair
  • iPad Camera Repair
  • Button Repair
  • iPad Touchpad Repair

Professional iPad Repair Sevice Near Me

iPad is a range of touch tablets marketed by the Apple brand since 2010. Thanks to this iPad, Apple is brilliantly re-launching the touchscreen tablet market which has struggled to take off in recent years. iPad uses the elements that made the success of the iPhone: a sleek design, a very fluid iOS interface and a multi-touch touch screen. If the iPhone is relatively easy to repair, iPad repair near me has the same codes which make it easier to fix! The replacement of the various components is not carried out in the same way, which is why the experts at Mobile Junction have produced repair guides on each existing model of iPad: from the first generation to the iPad Air via the ‘iPad Mini and iPad Pro. You will know how to change this iPad battery which drains quickly or how to overcome this touch problem.


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